Let Me Saturate Your Mind , Body and Soul...

Let me saturate your mind, body and soul

Erotica for the Evolved.....


Erotica is  said to be any literary or artistic work  so I do consider any form or sexual fantasy erotica as the brain is the most important sexual organ there is..Those who can express their fantasies can then become artists for the time they have the courage to act them  out.

I have years of experience in fantasy fulfillment via phone among other ways. 

My voice is not unlike Kathleen Turner from Body Heat or Jesica Rabbit. Possessing  a very open and creative mind I enjoy this  in a judgement free zone. 

This is also a fetish of mine as well as I am an Exhibitionist.

You must be 18 or over.

Phone Sex up to 30 minutes is $80

Sexting up to 30 minutes with x-rated pics is $80

Video Chat

I offer video chat through Skype or Facetime. This is for Gentlemen who would perhaps like  to introduce themselves before scheduling as well as see I am the woman in the picture as I do not have any issues showing my beautiful face even without make up if so requested.

Video Chat is $125 up to 30 minutes

If you have a special request such as an aquatic session or role-play it is $145 up to 30 minutes

I welcome all sessions from mild to  wild as I am truly a passionate as well erotic woman who deeply wants to make your fantasies come true. If you are also seeking just to engage  in any conversation we can also  do that .

I offer sextIng /phone combo for $100 .

 If you are looking for a blonde bombshell as you play Producer it’s $500

Please see my gift page  for many ways to pay 


    Jacqueline Muse

Don't spend money on things... spend money on experiences. You'll enjoy life a lot more!
-- Ziad K. Abdelno