Welcome to my Fantasy Page ...


I want to start off by saying I have years of experience in fantasy fulfillment via phone among other ways. My voice is not unlike Kathleen Turner from Body Heat. Possessing  a very open and creative mind I enjoy this  in a judgement free zone. This is also a fetish of mine as well as I am an Exhibitionist.

You must be 18 or over.

Phone Sex up to 30 minutes is $60

Sexting up to 30 minutes with x-rated pics is $60

Video Chat
I offer video chat through Skype or Facetime. This is for Gentlemen who would perhaps like  to introduce themselves before scheduling as well as see I am the woman in the picture as I do not have any issues showing my beautiful face even without make up if so requested.

Video Chat is $100 up to 30 minutes

If you have a special request such as an aquatic session or role-play it is $120 up to 30 minutes

I welcome all sessions from mild to  wild as I am truly a passionate as well erotic woman who deeply wants to make your fantasies come true. If you are also seeking just to engage  in any conversation I welcome that as well.


Methods of payment can be found here:
All gift cards must be sent to [email protected]
   Use Gift Cards as payment...

Wishlist items will not be accepted.

You may contact me from a valid number at (224) 215-2726 as I do not answer burn numbers or email me to schedule at [email protected]

I do not accept Protonmail for security purposes

This is available 24 hours a day, but if I am in session in a regular appointment, which is my first priority, I will not be able to entertain your request.


I look forward to indulging your fantasies!

Jacqueline Taurus

Everyone needs a fantasy.
-- Andy Warhol