Get to know me ...

Greetings Gentlemen!

I am a Beautiful, Seductive, Curvy and Intelligent Thick Milf with a magnificent sense of humor who is of Italian and German descent.

Dare I include I am modest too??

This along with an insatiable appetite for life makes for an excellent combination.

My voice is not unlike Kathleen Turner from the movies Body Heat and Romancing The Stone.

I am well read and extremely engaging so if you are seeking an escape from everyday life then I am the lady for you. My interests include art, photography, astrology and technology as I indulge in an abundance of various things. I lead a very full life pursuing assorted activities as I am a multifaceted person who enjoys living life to its fullest.

You see I am attracted to intelligent men who are passionate and kind with a bit of a wild streak as I am Aquatically Gifted.

Your intelligence and good heart mean more to me than looks as I am far from superficial...

You know as a High Empath I dislike any type of negativity so your encounter with me will be drama free.

Each meeting is special as I enjoy connecting with different types of men….. I love to look deep into your soul and into your wildest fantasies...

If you want to satisfy your carnal desires I promise you will not be disappointed as I aimto please.

Let me saturate you...


Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.
-- Anaïs Nin